Job Requirements

(Uh oh. Look at me getting political again!)

It must be a job requirement that if you are a politician, you need to lie. You need to deceive your public. You need to have scandals. You need to cover up. The thing is, do we care any more? Or have we had our fill entirely and have become indifferent? Are there varying thresholds of lying and deception that we deem acceptable?

There is chatter on some blogs that I took a look at today, indicating that the latest scandal is right around the corner. I’m not going to specifically mention what it is because I don’t want to gossip and spread rumors. With this issue, I’ll be curious to see if we defend what has taken place and proclaim the subject of the scandal a noble person or if we will scorn the person for decisions that were made. It’s all in how you spin it afterall. This could get interesting.


2 Responses to “Job Requirements”

  1. kristen Says:

    AAHHH!! If you’re referring to what I read earlier today on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, I’d say it’s really going to hit the fan in the next few days. I was a little surprised today during several of our call-in segments that no one seemed to mention some of the Palin “oddities” that are floating around. Of course, our theme most of the day was what should the GOP do in regards to Gustav, but we did get a few “Palin is a horrible choice” callers.

  2. Jenn Patel Says:

    It’s crazy, after I read your blog I checked stuff online, and now what you were referring to is popping up everywhere online. It’s a very weird story, that’s for sure. There’s even a thread about it on the pregnancy board I read, you should hear the interesting responses on there!

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