In Search of Shoes

I need some good shoes. I need them to be comfy, fashionable, professional, and not intended for a grandmother or a 16-year-old. Do such shoes exist within a reasonable price range?

I have been on Zappos for a while looking, but I’m not entirely satisfied with what I’ve found.

To do my job I am typically standing on my feet for about 4 hours straight with only a little bit of walking. I’ve worn Clarks in the past but they have stopped making the ones that had me standing comfortably for a year. I don’t mind wearing heels as long as I have some cushion. The balls of my feet are what ache the most after a long day. I don’t want clogs or mules anymore.

Suggestions anyone?


3 Responses to “In Search of Shoes”

  1. curlywurlygurly Says:

    do you have a ‘dsw’ near you? i know my sister goes there for shoes and they have a pretty big selection. i’m on my feet for most of the day wear mostly ballet flats or doc martens mary janes because they are the most comfy. 🙂

  2. Annie Says:

    Are you anti-crocs? I know some people are. I personally have a love/hate relationship with them. I absolutely hate the way they look, but they are the only things that don’t make my feet/knees/back hurt when I’m on my feet for a long time.

    I 2nd DSW for shoes. I’m leery of Zappos, because I want to be able to try on.

    If no crocs, then I’ve always had really good luck with either Easy Spirit or Dockers shoes. I have some sandals and shoes that are Dockers right now that are insanely comfortable.

  3. that girl Says:

    CWG: I don’t have one near me, BUT! your suggestion made me remember that they are online now. I saw some cute ballet flats on their site. I’m checking into Doc Martens, too.

    Annie: I’m not entirely anti-crocs. I actually have a pair that hubby got me for free. I usually wear them at home when I’m cooking but have never worn them in public. For one thing, I have trouble walking in them. For another, I am not sold on their contribution to fashionable footwear.

    Great suggestions, ladies.

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