Grrrrr. Anger Management.

I’m a pretty easy-going person, and very few things bother me. But I do have some pet peeves and they have to do with the actions of others.

I really, really hate it when people are shopping, decide they don’t want something, and just leave it wherever they happen to be standing at the time. I have a friend who does this and I scold her like a little girl when she pulls this crap. As a former retail worker bee, I never understood why people would do this. It made our jobs of keeping the store looking presentable incredibly difficult when a bra was randomly placed atop some men’s polo shirts. How hard is it to just take it to the register or the fitting room and say you don’t want it? We don’t expect you to remember exactly where you got it from, but don’t make it 100 times worse by putting it where it definitely doesn’t belong. You wouldn’t put a pair of shoes in the freezer, would you?

It annoys me when people litter. So much so that I want to kick people who do this in the shins. I don’t want to see your trash. Pick it up! If your feeble attempts at trash can basketball are unsuccessful, you are responsible for picking up your “ball.” How hard is that? You made the mess. You should clean it. This applies to you, too, smokers. Don’t drop your cigarettes on the ground. It’s bad enough that you puff smoke into the air but when you opt to drop your habit on the ground, I want to smack you in the face. Especially, ESPECIALLY when you decide not to extinguish your butt. Lazy and irresponsible, I say.

Today one of my biggest pet peeves happened. Stopped in traffic, I left a space between myself and the car in front of me because we were at a break in the median and there was an entrance to a shopping area. I did this because, well, you’re supposed to. I mean, I want to be courteous to people who want to get into the shopping area and that includes emergency vehicles. This car approached the exit to the shopping area, stopped at the sign, and then proceeded to pull into the gap I left, blocking the intersection. Thanks, you big dumb*ss.


One Response to “Grrrrr. Anger Management.”

  1. scared of revolving doors Says:

    woah… bad day? i agree on the stuff that irks you… and these inconsiderate, irresponsible, non-thinking creatures really get to me.

    did you get my email about my diving experience?

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