Going Once… Twice… Sold!

So many folks are into eBay these days. It’s cool and all but eBay has nothing on a real auction. In the past week, I’ve been to two of them, but don’t take that as me being a frequent auction-goer. For the first event, I didn’t even realize that there was going to be an auction. It had about 5 items up for bid. For the second one, we did go intentionally to take home some of the goods and it was for charity. It was both silent and live. For entertainment value, live auctions are the best! Silent ones are like being on eBay. Yawn. Big deal.

First and foremost, eBay doesn’t have an auctioneer. You need an exciting auctioneer to make it a fun experience and they are really critical to the success of the auctions. For the first auction, the guy was OK, but he was not as entertaining as the second guy. The second guy egged people into upping their bids and cracked some funny jokes. They are like sports commentators on crack! The thing I’ve noticed about auctioneers is that half of what they say is mumbo-jumbo. It doesn’t make a bit of sense, a lot of it is just filler, but that’s part of the experience. I could swear I heard, “furty, hurty, furty, wordy.”

The communication in auctions is really fun, too. At the first auction, the hubby said, “Don’t move,” for fear of the auctioneer misinterpreting our move since they didn’t have anything to use for officially declaring a bid and opening bids were in the hundreds! In the second auction, there was a bidding war for a softball signed by the US Olympic Softball Team. At first, the people held up their official paper to bid, then it turned into slight nods with a hand motion, and eventually I think might have worked its way to blinking. You don’t see that on eBay!

When you go to an auction, you really need to be aware of what people expect of you. If you go to a charitable auction, you’re expected to pay more than the item is actually worth. They are, afterall, trying to raise money. You can’t be a cheap^$$. At your going-out-of-business auction, you can get stuff for well below it’s worth. It’s like going to a yard sale at noon on a rainy Saturday. I’ve only been to one going-out-of-business auction. It was so entertaining, not to mention ridiculous. 300 white socks for $4.00? Sold to the man in the blue shirt!

Also missing on eBay? Sweating. Yeah, sweating. At the second auction, I broke out in a sweat when I started to bid on an item. I don’t know. I guess I was nervous. Or it was like a big rush. I couldn’t take it so I let the item go to someone else. pathetic. *smack, smack* The hubby is much better suited to this. He lifts the paper ever so slightly and doesn’t let the auctioneer provoke him. He’s so cool under pressure. I used to be. What happened to me?!

Have you ever been to an auction? Whadya get? I got a really old movie/film camera on eBay a couple of years ago. And that going-out-of-business auction was for a golf specialty store, I got the hubby a new driver. Yup, I’m that awesome.


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