Michael Phelps, My Motivation and Inspiration

The end of July marked the end of a pivotal life experience for me. All month, I went to the Aquatic Center to take adult swimming lessons. I never really learned technique as a child and because of that, as an adult, I only knew how to survive by floating on my back. I was fearful of the deep end unless the hubby was nearby to do his best David Hasselhoff.

After taking my lessons, I am confident with jumping in the deep end of the pool. I now understand how to breathe out of my nose while underwater and I can stay submerged for a decent amount of time without panicking. I can also do somersaults in the water. The thing I know I need practice with is my swimming strokes and my breathing, and I’ve yet to go back to the pool.

I’ve wanted to go, but I just haven’t…. Enter, stage left, Mr. Michael Phelps.

Now that I have a better understanding of swimming, I’m so fascinated by it and my new bullet point, the glorious Michael Phelps.

Because of him, I haven’t missed a mens swimming medal event since the start of the Olympics this year. (There’s another one tonight!) I love watching the underwater cameras and seeing how all of the swimmers move. I enjoy seeing the stream of air coming out of their noses. I like listening to the commentary and actually understanding some of it. I love seeing Michael Phelps muscles! 😉 but really, that’s besides the point. He’s a tremendous athlete.

I know I will never be half the swimmer that Michael Phelps is, but he has provided me with motivation and inspiration. Did you know that his first few swimming lessons had to be on his back because he was afraid of putting his face in the water? Me, too!

I have decided that I will go to the pool. In fact, I’ve been in my bathing suit all morning. All I’m waiting for now is for my lunch to digest and then I’m off!


4 Responses to “Michael Phelps, My Motivation and Inspiration”

  1. Pendel Haight Says:

    You sure seem to spend a lot of time in your swimsuit thinking of Phelps. That’s very special. I hope you’re laying off the bon bons. Shouldn’t you be at work?

  2. curlywurlygurly Says:

    the ‘wait one hour after eating’ is an old wives’ tale…just so you know! 🙂 as for michael phelps…i’m shocked he doesn’t grow some fins and gills…he’s like a finely tuned machine. yum!

  3. that girl Says:

    Pendel, I think your imagination is painting a vivid but entirely inaccurate picture of me. Some of us have work schedules that are not the typical 9-5.

    CWG, I thought that one hour thing was legit. Those old wives seem to get a lot of things wrong.

  4. Annie Says:

    Good for you! This is a really neat post!!

    And ditto CWG – that whole hour thing is a total crock. 🙂

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