Weird Sunday Conversation

The hubby and I have the most ridiculous conversations some times, and they are on the brink of being Seinfeldian. Welcome to our life….

Today’s Sunday morning conversation began when we were watching the US Mens Basketball Team take on the Chinese Team in the Olympics. I wondered out loud how tall Yao Ming is and commented that he should be able to dunk just by standing on his tippy-toes. And that the boy that Yao walked with in the opening ceremony must not have been as small as first perceived. The hubby responded by informing me that Yao is about 7’6″. Then my ridiculously vivid imagination took over, and I said, “I wonder if I dangled from his shoulders if I would be able to touch the ground.”

Thus began the debate.

The hubby insists that there is no way I would be able to touch the ground, but I think I would. “Look how high I can reach,” I said. “The man is seven and a half feet tall! You wouldn’t touch the ground!” he retorted.

You know, the only way to win a debate is to produce scientific evidence. So I found the tape measure, took the end of it in one hand and let the heavier end zip to the ground. “See? Look at this. Tell me what it says at the bottom.” He refused to get out of his chair for fear of being proven wrong, no doubt. So I swung it toward him. “What does it say?” I demanded. “It’s about 81 inches,” he said. Potato Math friends, that equals about 6’9″ or 6 and 3/4 feet.

“Hop up on the couch,” I said, “We need to see how high 7.5 feet is.” Being ever-so-indulgent and perhaps curious, he got up on the couch and dangled the tape measure. “You wouldn’t touch the ground,” he said.

“I’m not dangling from the top of his head! It’s his shoulders. Shoulders!” I exclaimed. “How big do you think his head is?” the hubby inquired. Then he proceeded to measure the height of his own noggin. “I mean, I think the length of my foot and the part of my hand I would lose to holding on would basically equal out, right?” I reasoned.

We did not come to a conclusion with the debate, so now I have to ask anyone who will answer. Do you think I would touch the ground? Also, do you know Yao Ming? I would love to meet him, not just to jump on his back, but I think he’s cool too. 🙂

3 Responses to “Weird Sunday Conversation”

  1. curlywurlygurly Says:

    as riveting as your post was, i am more interested in the fact that there are other people on this globe that have insane conversations like my husban-dito and i do. now i don’t feel so weird! 😀

  2. megan Says:

    On average, one’s head and neck adds about a foot to his or her height. Therefore, the dangling distance on Yao Ming from the shoulders is really only about 6’6″.

    I don’t consider myself “tall”…I’m only 5’5”. In my case, with my arms stretched out, my dangling room would need to exceed 7’4″ for my toes to just brush the ground.

    I think one would need to be quite short to be able to dangle freely from Yao Ming’s shoulders without obstruction.

  3. that girl Says:

    CWG, it’s nice to know I’m in good company. How comforting.

    megan, thank you, thank you, thank you. Great evidence! If no one refutes you, I declare our side the winner. ding ding!

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