World Traveler Wannabe

My friend sent me a link to this awesome video today. It’s about/by this guy named Matt who quit his day job and has traveled the world and danced with people from all walks of life. There’s something really magical and joyous about this. Enjoy!.


This is my travel map. Blue is where I've been. Green is where I want to go. Red is where I've lived--except for Yemen. I added that as a Chandler Bing joke.

This is my travel map. Blue is where I’ve been. Green is where I want to go. Red is where I’ve lived–except for Yemen. I added that as a Chandler Bing joke. (Click to see a larger image.)

So this really got me thinking about travel and the way it enhances your life. If you look at my travel map, you’ll see that I’ve been to a pretty good amount of the country. And according to my “Where I’ve Been” official map, I’ve seen 12% of the world.

In May I went to Mexico… for about, oh, maybe an hour. We were in Texas for vacation and crossed the border just to say that we did it. Some folks in our group had never been out of the country so it was a great opportunity to do it, but it was really hot and no one seemed to want to go past the Garcia’s gift shop, so we didn’t get very far. I wouldn’t consider this trip one that enhanced my life, but I’m glad we went.

In Europe, I’ve been to France, Spain, and Gibraltar. In Asia, I’ve been to the Philippines and have stepped foot in Japan for a layover. But I’ve not yet seen as much of the world that I’d like. I still want to go to New Zealand and Australia, though not quite to Matt’s level. And there are a few places in Europe that I want to see.

The only trip I have planned in the fall is to Nebraska. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s not exactly Egypt.

Dare to dream!


One Response to “World Traveler Wannabe”

  1. Katherine Says:

    That was a fun video! Matt Harding was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. I should have been sleeping! I did the Mexico thing too a few years ago (just to say I have been out of the country). I got your comment about Photoshop Elements. Thanks! I was looking for something easy, FREE (love free) and quick when I used Picnik. It is web based and I didn’t have to download much (can’t remember if I had to download anything now). I have another free program, PanitDotNet, that I have used for more detailed control of photo editing. It isn’t as fancy as Photoshop, but again it was free and works ok.
    I may have to break down and pay for something soon as I love to edit my pictures! Thanks again!ps… so far as I know you are only the second person to actually look at my blog (via commnts) thank you for letting me know you stopped by!

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