A Cowbell and Bug Spray

In the summer, I amuse myself by finding little tasks that need to get done. This does not mean cleaning the house or other domestic activities. It means… shopping!

Today’s task was to find a cowbell and some bug spray, the kind that kills bugs not protects you from them. (As if you’re wondering about the bug spray. right.)

We need the bug spray because we’re getting bees in the house from time to time. About a week ago, I found one dead on the window sill in the kitchen. The next day, there was one in the sink alive and well, so I captured that little guy in a cup and set him free outside. I told the hubby about this odd sighting of bees and he rushed to the little room that holds our the vacuum and the furnace. It turns out that the bees have set up camp outside near a pipe or something that eventually leads into the little room. How did I not know this?!

Apparently, using a random bug killer does not work on the bees. Neither did duct-taping the pipe thing. As the hubby put it, “There’s one guy who’s sole job is to guard the tape and eat away at it while everyone else goes in and out. I watched him do it for 5 minutes.” Isn’t it funny how he calls the bee a “guy?” We were talking about how he unsuccessfully tried to find the spray at Target when he launched into the comment about the “guy.” I thought he was referring to a Target employee. Silly wife.

So I found some of the stuff we needed at a drug store today. By the way, if you’re looking for school supplies, Walgreens has a nice sale going on. For some things it’s buy 1 get TWO free. Who’s ever heard of such a thing?

Back to the cowbell… we don’t need a cowbell. We don’t have cattle. We don’t live on a farm. I know what you’re probably thinking right now. “Needs more cowbell!” from the Saturday Night Live skit, right?

Screen shot of Rock Band. The folks who made this game have sense of humor.

Screen shot of Rock Band. The folks who made this game have a great sense of humor.

Yup. That is our inspiration. Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult is on Rock Band and when we play it, we want to have a cowbell. Does it require one? No. We just want it. We have a feeva for more cowbell. Even the lead singer avatar plays a cowbell during the song. It’s hilarious!

The hubby seemed to think that we could just pop into the Tractor store and pick one up but how could that be? It’s a musical instrument! It would sound bad, wouldn’t it? So I went to the music store instead. Holy Cow! A cowbell costs $36. Yikes. I looked one up at the Tractor store online and they have them for $7. Maybe the hubby is right. The way I understood a cowbell was as a musical instrument. He sees it as… a cowbell. It’s web description is the following: Produces a dull tone that can be heard from far distances. Steel welded construction. For livestock or sporting events.

Well, there you go then.


5 Responses to “A Cowbell and Bug Spray”

  1. Annie Says:

    I love you for posting that video.

    However, when you click it, it says it’s no longer available.



  2. that girl Says:

    Oops! Apparently the embedding feature is disabled on this vid. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update the post.

  3. kristen Says:

    i love the COWBELL!!!!! whenever something at work malfunctions or causes the network to blow up, we all like to say “we need more cowbell!!”

    hmmm. typing that out isn’t nearly as funny as i thought it would be…but trust me! when my server goes to hell, it’s quite entertaining 🙂

  4. that girl Says:

    Perhaps you should go to the Tractor store, make a purchase, and bring it to work with you. It can be like a really, really old school Emergency Alert!

    Just don’t bang it near anyone’s head. They can be really loud.

  5. pannonica Says:

    Maybe you need one of those Cowbell Hero t-shirts.

    I think that bee would be a gal, since the drones (males) do nothing but take care of the queen. They’re all infertile, by the way. They sound like carpenter bees, but I think all bees have similar societies. I don’t know for sure. I’m not an apiarian.

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