The Good Ol’ Days

Every so often I feel really old. In actuality, I suppose I’m not, but sometimes the people I am around make me feel that way. The kids, I call them. (Hello, Yoda.) They aren’t my kids, as in I did not give birth or parent them, but they are this mass of a few thousand young adults that migrates into town every few months. They take a few classes, drink a few beers, and graduate. A new flock of them is expected next month.

To counter the arrival of the kids that would have been born around 1990 (ack!), I thought I’d celebrate the good ol’ days with the rest of you. Let us commence “Back in My Day, the 2008 Edition.”

I had a record player as a kid. It was in this suitcase kind of thing. The top was red and white and the bottom was just red. The turntable part was white, so was the arm. It played 33, 45, and 72, too, I think. I read books that came with records. My favorite was one about the Flintstones. The record would chime when it was time to turn the page. I’m going to have to get that from Mom and Dad’s house, too, along with Grease as a vinyl.

I played with an Atari 2600. We didn’t have many games. We had the standard Combat game with the little tanks. I always thought it was funny when a tank spun out after it was hit a certain way. We also had an Activision game called Freeway where you had to get this yellow chicken across a highway. If you didn’t, the chicken icon would change for a moment and look like it was squished. Then it was sent back down a lane or two down the highway. Again, I must investigate the Atari’s existence at the parental unit’s abode.

Nike Pom Pom Socks

Nike Pom Pom Socks

Remember those short, short socks with the pom-pom at the heel? I had those, too. Pink and navy blue. Those were ridiculous. Why have a pom-pom back there? It looks like everything old is new again. Check it out. Nike is bringing them back. I know I said they were ridiculous, but I might have to buy some anyway. I will look stylin’ on the golf course with these babies.

Paper! Remember the days when we actually wrote letters to one another, using paper… and a pen… and an envelope… and a stamp? When I was in school, I remember keeping in touch with my friends from high school with letters. In fact, I still have the letters somewhere in a box. At the time, few people had email, so letter-writing was the thing to do. I even had a notebook that had my “drafts” of the letters I would write. I think I did this so that I could remember whatever conversation my friends and I were having. I was sooo ahead of my time. This is like the SENT folder for your inbox now.

Oooh. I also had a pen pal. Her name was Ruthy and she lived in France. She had the coolest hand writing. The next time I’m at my parents’ house, I’m going to have to collect her letters.

2 Responses to “The Good Ol’ Days”

  1. megan Says:

    Feeling old: I am starting to become acquainted with this feeling. A couple weeks ago I was coaching a trio of not-so-youngsters and realized that I had been teaching for longer than the three of them had been alive – ages combined! How’s that for a boost in moral?

    Pom-pom socks: Since my sense of fashion was always a bit off, they were right down my alley. They were one of the few items of clothing my mom and I could share when I hit adolescence. I always liked wearing low socks, and the pom-poms kept the socks from slipping into my shoes. I am thrilled that they are bringing them back.

    Paper: I am all for it. I have written several posts lamenting the fact that no one writes letters on actual paper anymore. Check them out.

    Pen pals: I was never fortunate enough to have a long-lasting pen pal, but my mom had one. His name was Peter, and he lived in France. When her French class took their high school trip across seas, she actually got a chance to meet up with him. And for some reason, her teacher saw nothing wrong with letting a couple of her students go off with a strange young man in Paris. Those really were the days.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Anna has some pompom socks now!

    The other day I found my stack of 45s! I have some vinyl too. When you get your player, come over and you can borrow some. I think I have the “Back to the Future” soundtrack, Phil Collins, and some other random stuff – oh – the “Miami Vice” soundtrack!

    As for “Combat,” I always thought it was funny that the bullets would bounce off the walls in one version.

    I had pen pals from Europe and a friend who was a German exchange student. I know what you mean about the handwriting. I think I want that as a font.

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