Grrrrrrrr, Food Network!

I love watching Food Network. Of late I’ve really enjoyed watching The Next Food Network Star. It’s the best combination of reality TV and food. What could be better?

One thing I do NOT like, however, is the thoughtless of the Traffic Department. (For you non-TV people, it’s the people who are usually in charge of commercials and when they air.) I’m sitting here enjoying the episode of the contestants in Las Vegas. I don’t want to miss a moment, so I don’t change the channel when a commercial comes on. The problem? Well, for whatever reason the powers that be at Food Network have decided to air promos of the upcoming episode of the show! As in, they are showing the viewers who did not get to move on even before it happens within the show!

Boo, Food Network. What kind of planning is this? How much thought does it take? Why would you do this? What a way to ruin the excitement of it all. Who is managing the Traffic Department there?

Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did something similar to this last season. While the show with the final 3 contestants was on (to determine the final 2), they revealed the last two contestants within a promo encouraging viewers to vote for their favorite. It was so disappointing and anti-climactic. Bad, bad, bad.


One Response to “Grrrrrrrr, Food Network!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    That is why you should always pick a “chore” to do while the comercials are on. Get a drink, load the dishwasher (or wash the dishes), start a load of wash, take a potty break or my FAVE run to the sewing room and get a few stiches in!

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