I’m Not Afraid of Clowns

In a recent post on a friend’s blog, she writes about her young daughter’s fear of those in costume. From a child’s perspective, I can see how she would be afraid of such things. I mean, who’s in that big stuffed animal anyway? In my mind, it’s a healthy fear of the unknown.

That got me to thinking about… clowns. The hubby thinks I’m afraid of clowns, but I’m not. I don’t go running away from them when I see them. I’ve been to the circus. I’ve been to carnivals. I’m not afraid to be near one. In fact, I used to work with a gal who dressed up as a clown as her side gig and hosted a kids show this way. So, do you get it? I’m not afraid of them.

I do have issues with clowns, though. Quite frankly, I think they are dishonest. Just look at them! They have expressions painted on their faces that don’t necessarily reflect what they are feeling or thinking. Sometimes you see a clown with a sad face but if you get closer, the actual person is smiling. And what about those clowns that are the opposite of that? Happy clowns that are actually quite sad! Those are really, really bad. It’s bothersome how deceitful they are. Need an example? Helloooo? The Joker in Batman???

Generally speaking, I also have issues with people who dress up as clowns. While I realize part of their motivation is likely that it makes kids smile and be happy and whatnot, I just don’t get it. I am completely turned off by this idea of dressing up like a clown.

Ironically, one song that I used to like playing on the piano, when I still played, was Send in the Clowns. But I digress….

If there are any clowns out there reading this, I expect you to step up and help me understand. Add your comments, you Bozos. Oh! You, too, mimes. Get writing.


One Response to “I’m Not Afraid of Clowns”

  1. scared of revolving doors Says:

    i love this post. really funny, yet insightful. haha

    – from someone who hates clowns (both literal and figurative ones)

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