John Mayer Concert Videos

Here are some videos from the John Mayer concert. I decided to go for mainly cover songs because I’ve seen the other songs live multiple times. For those who think John is “just a pop performer,” watch the vids and they will change your mind. Leave your comments and let me know what you think!

This is especially for a blog reader in the Philippines who has never gotten to experience a show on her side of the world. šŸ˜‰ Enjoy! (If you happen to see a few black frames of video, that was when I decided to snap a photo. Had I used my brain, I would have avoided doing this.)

Crossroads (Eric Clapton)

Mercy (Duffy)

Free Falling (Tom Petty)


8 Responses to “John Mayer Concert Videos”

  1. scared of revolving doors Says:

    thanks! nice clear vids!

    awww, couldn’t but be teary eyed (tears caused by the frustration over not being able to watch him live).

    yes i’ll go visit the US this year, and stalk him (joke!)

  2. scared of revolving doors Says:

    i am so envious! are you watching another concert of his? can you tell him to get his butt to asia???



  3. that girl Says:

    This is probably going to be my only show this year, unless I suddenly decide to go to the one that is kind of close to me in August. Can you come here in August? You can join me! haha.

  4. Jenesee Says:

    Long time lurker finally found something to say. I attending his Camden concert last week and it was amazing. He played this set and looked basically the same but with a black sleeveless tee. Ive never seen such guitar fingerwork or imagined that much bouncy energy. He is awesome! Much taller than I thought and actually much hotter looking if thats possible. The energy output was phenominal. Who needs cold fusion when you have John Mayer.

  5. that girl Says:

    I’m glad this brought you out of hiding. šŸ™‚ It took me a while to comment on a blog also.

    Yes, definitely a “bouncy energy.” Was this your first show of his?

  6. scared of revolving doors Says:

    i’m scheduled to spend thanksgiving there so i’m hoping that he has one of those small club venue shows during that time.

    haha august? i’ll probably try to figure out how i can go to korea since he’ll be there for the gumball challenge.

  7. Jenesee Says:

    Yes and my first rock concert since I was a kid Im embarassed to admit. I heard him in hershey PA while I was outside the stadium walking by and stopped to listen but I never could see him over the walls. It was a great gift to attend.

  8. accidentalsexiness Says:

    These are great! Yeah I love John Mayer because he doesn’t sit in that “pop box” I think he knows that’s his money maker but during live shows he ventures into different stuff.

    Thanks for sharing these vids!

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