Seeing Where the Light Is

I skipped my usual Monday evening practice to go to the movies with the hubby. We trekked to a nearby city to see Where the Light Is for a special one-day only screening. There was no way I was going to miss this! According to my email, there were 100 theatres showing the film that night and we happened to be one of the lucky ones. Joy joy! (BTW, hubby is awesome. He tried to surprise me with a movie poster. Sadly, the manager went to the back to see if they had any extras but… denied!)

It was sooo worth it to drive all that way to see this film. It’s too bad that not all JM fans had access to him on the big screen. It was really cool. If I wouldn’t have appeared like a total *ss, I would have gotten up and danced around. I felt like I was at a concert but not. I wish I had a better way to describe it.

Overall, it was a good show and a must for those who have followed Johnny through his career of pop, rock, and blues. The concert covered all three. From time to time, I found myself getting lost amid all the blues guitar, but in the end, it was a good mix of music. I’m sure you can read all about what was in the show, the picks, and the pans, so I’m not even going write up all of that.

What I will mention are the two songs that I, huge John Mayer fan, hadn’t heard yet, an acoustic cover of Free Fallin’ and a new tune called In Your Atmosphere. I had read that both of these songs had been performed at various points these last few months, but I purposefully avoided checking them out on YouTube or elsewhere. I guess I was just waiting for a bigger moment, and this was it. I’m so glad that I waited. 🙂 I was in a trance when these songs were performed. The chorus of Free Falling feels so peaceful… as if you were floating. I could listen to that song over and over again. As for In Your Atmosphere, it’s so John Mayer. It’s very heart-felt, poetic, bittersweet, and at times a little lonely.

The DVD, CD, and whatnot were released yesterday. Apparently there are different versions of the DVD out there. I have the one from Target that has red accent colors, rather than the blue-ish color. It’s a special edition that is only available this week with (so I’ve heard) more extras on it. Here’s what I have listed:

slow dancing on mulholland drive
200 guitars: the collection
post-show discussion
who did you think i was
-steve jordan & pino palladino multi-angle cam
danny clinch photo gallery


One Response to “Seeing Where the Light Is”

  1. scared of revolving doors Says:

    can’t wait to get my copy (bought it in amazon last week and it’ll be here in 2 weeks). but i got the CD already from itunes so i’ve been listening to it non-stop.

    i love “in your atmosphere”. love it. but i my favorite in the cd is “i don’t trust myself”.

    have fun at the JM concert! post your reviews and photos please. 🙂

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