Read the Directions

If you’re like me, when you get directions for anything you follow them. That’s why they are there.

I’ve put together shelves, a little red wagon, and a host of other things while being a good girl and following the directions. When I’m given directions to someone’s house, I follow them. If I’m lost, I don’t mind asking for directions. If I’m about to mix chemicals in a beaker using a bunsen burner, I read all the directions first. That’s what my teacher told me to do.

Following directions is the key to success to most any activity.

I was surprised to discover recently that there are directions on the back of laundry detergent bottles. Not because they shouldn’t be there but because I’ve never read them! I’m not referring to how much detergent to use or what temperature the water should be. These are step one, do this. Step two, do that.

On the back of a bottle of Tide the following appears: Start washer, add detergent, then add clothes.

Here’s what’s on the back of a bottle of Woolite in a bulleted list: Select gentle or delicate cycle. Select cold water setting unless label instructs otherwise. Fill machine with water. Pour WOOLITE® (<– nice branding) with measure cap. Add clothes. Follow drying instructions on clothes.

OK, so here’s the thing. I never knew you were supposed to do things in that order. Water, detergent, then clothes? Really? Should the Woolite directions read, “Begin filling machine with water” or does it mean fill it to the “top” of the basin first? I don’t understand how you can put clothes in a washer with the water already in there. Don’t your hands get all wet? If you have to fill it, will the water spill out as you add more clothing?

I’m usually clothes, water, detergent. How could I have been doing this wrong this whole time?

And why hasn’t my washer protested? I didn’t follow the directions. Shouldn’t it have spit the detergent back out at me? Is this why I don’t have the whitest of whites? Is this why my black pants fade?

One Response to “Read the Directions”

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    I have a problem with not so white whites also…

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