I Need a Warning

Yikeys! Am I getting old or what?

Just now on The View, the Chippendale dancers opened the show because the show is live from Las Vegas. They were dancing and gyrating around. And they busted their shirts open and danced some more. I felt like I needed some kind of warning about this and averted my eyes. It was a bit much.

Yesterday, I was flipping through a People Magazine (the one with Tim Russert on the cover) and there Mario Lopez was in all his glory. Seriously, look it up. Do a search for Mario Lopez nude on a bear skin rug. Whoa. Um. OK. That was a lot of flesh showing on that 2-page photo, a re-creation of Burt Reynolds in Cosmo in 1972. I didn’t need to see either of those photos.

A weekend ago, I went to a concert. It was a pretty big one with a well-known artist. Before the main act graced the stage, a slightly lesser-known performer took the stage. His performance was very theatrical and it essentially took us on a musical journey through a romantic relationship. Boy meets girl, they date, and they “get it on.” Yeah, they start to “get it on” in front of us (thankfully, the “completion” occurred backstage). At first I was thinking, “WTF is this? Is she supposed to be doing that? Is this what I think it is?” It was very… um… uncomfortable to witness this, so I didn’t. I leaned over to my friend and asked, “Is it me or do you feel like we’re watching something we shouldn’t be? I feel like a voyeur.” She nodded in agreement.

So I ask you, am I just getting old? Am I a prude? Or have we reached scandalously low levels of decency?


3 Responses to “I Need a Warning”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I will take “scandalously low levels of decency” for $2000 Alex!

    That and if you are getting old, then I am too. 🙂

  2. masha Says:

    oh my god! i totally forgot that i went to a chippendales thing in college with a couple of friends 30 years ago! 30 years?? wow! anyway, it was weird. guys were so not my type! even if they were, i would change my type if they were dancing around poorly like that! the show was for women only in a big dance floor room. after the performance, the doors open. men run in. wolves and deer immediately pair up. very soon, the club was 2/3 empty from the quick hook ups. i’ve never seen anything like it! at last call, another round of pairing up happened. couples dazed with lust left after quick long island iced teas for the road. very amusing!
    never went back.

  3. curlywurlygurly Says:

    eww..creepy. i’ve never partaken in a chippendales type of activity–i would probably shriek with horror and flee the scene. tear-away policeman costumes just don’t do it for me. 🙂 like your blog!

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