I picked up some more Sobe today and the colors of the drink inspired me to try some food styling photography, or in this case, drink styling. I’ve wanted to improve my portrait photography for some time but I don’t have any willing models just yet, so I have come back to the idea of taking photos of food. (Remember rule #2 of the blog. This is where you read my mind because I’ve never talked about this topic before.)

Sobe Life Water

So this afternoon, I hit the backyard with my bottles of Sobe. This picture is my favorite. Does it make you thirsty? I hope so. 🙂

This was actually the second set of shots for the afternoon. The first set just didn’t cut it. There was no pop to the images.

My thought behind this image was that these drinks were just pulled out of a cooler on the patio of someone’s house. In actuality, however, the drinks were cold, but they didn’t sweat on their own. I spritzed them throughout the photoshoot. If you look at any picture of a drink, it’s almost always wet looking. I personally don’t like it when my drink sweats, but for photography, it works.

I love the natural sunlight. It’s the best source of lighting for something like this. And the sky looks nice and inviting. I can just imagine the text of an magazine advertisement written across the top.

Three bottles of Mike\'s Hard Lemonade

I set up another shoot with some bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade that was already in the refrigerator. At first, I thought the pictures would be really bad. The whitish color, the black label… I thought they would not be good parts of the subject.

Turns out, they look fine. Just like magic! They, too, received a little spritzing. It’s hard to see it in the small image, but my intention was to show drops of water dribbling down the sides of the bottles. You’d be able to see this better in a larger image. There are also some nice sunbust accents on some of the drops of water.

I guess I should mention that these pics are as is. I didn’t manipulate them in Photoshop, aside from sizing them for the web.

So what do you think? Good? Bad? Do you have suggestions for how I can improve? Constructive criticism is welcomed.

In the meantime, drink up!

3 Responses to “Thirsty?”

  1. yesbuts Says:

    I like the three bottles of Mike’s lemonade image, especially think shooting them at an angle works well.

  2. jonsquared Says:

    Both of these images are very well done. I felt a strong desire to drink the water and the Mike’s Hard Lemonade (especially) after seeing the pics. Well done!

  3. megan Says:

    Very nice! The offset angles definitely make the photos more interesting. The colors are so vibrant, both in the sky, as well as in the bottles. Well done!

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