Where the Light Is Preview

Where the Light Is DVD CoverNot much can compare to your favorite musician playing live in concert. There’s something so wonderful about that kind of experience. For me, no matter how hot, how humid, how crowded, how sweaty it is, I’m in heaven. It’s total bliss. Aside from the possibility of losing my hearing, I’d go concerting every week if I could.

That’s why it’s particularly awesome when I am treated to non-cellphone-recorded, non-You-Tube-uploaded, professional video of a concert. July 1 is the big day when Where the Light Is will be released. It’s a DVD (film by Danny Clinch) of John Mayer’s “triple threat” concert that he played in Los Angeles a few months ago. By triple threat, I mean, it’s the bluesy-rock John Mayer Trio, the pop-rock John Mayer with his band, and the acoustic John.

Want a preview? Check out it at the AT&T Blue Room. It’s pretty cool. He plays a number of songs from Try! and Continuum. If you only have 5 minutes, I recommend going with Who Did You Think I Was. It’s probably the Johnny you’ve never experienced before.

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