My Playlist

After my last post, I started thinking about my own playlist. I’m not a musician per se, nor am I famous, but I who doesn’t have a song that has impacted them in some way? It was really tough to limit it to just 5 songs like they do on Nightline, and I didn’t start off intentionally choosing such a wide variety of genres. I think it’s just a reflection of my taste in music. Here’s what I came up with (along with links to iTunes):

  • Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi Trio. You know this one. Remember the Peanuts Christmas cartoon from when you were a kid? The scene where the kids were dancing around? Yeah, that song. No words, just instruments. It just makes me happy. 🙂
  • Stop this Train by John Mayer. This isn’t one of his songs that is out there on the public airwaves but it’s really significant to me. It’s pretty thoughtful and heavy, so don’t listen to it on a daily basis or if you’re sad in any way.
  • Walk Humbly Son by Eddie From Ohio. This, too, isn’t a song you should consume on a daily basis. It’s heavy and has heavy meaning for me… and a lot of other people I know.
  • Kiss by Prince. This is perhaps the only song I know word-for-word, hoot-for-hoot, and grunt-for-grunt. “Act your age, not your shoe size”
  • It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men. Acapella and fabulous.

Your turn. 🙂


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