Cookie vs. Archie

So tonight was the big match-up between the two Davids on American Idol. The night started out awesome with David Cook singing U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. I really enjoyed that performance. I mean, I was clapping when it was done and was ready to buy the single. (For the first time EVER I did a pre-order of a song!)

David Archuleta performed second with Elton John’s (uh, I suddenly can’t remember the name of the song!)… Anyway, it was an Elton John song and it was very good. That kid can sing for sure when it comes to ballads.

After those songs, which were selected by Clive Davis, the two sang songs written by people who participated in a contest. Eh. Must have been a huge honor for the songwriters, but I didn’t get into either song all that much.

To close it out Cookie performed a Collective Soul song (I can’t remember the name of this song either!) and played acoustic guitar. To top it off, Cookie got teary-eyed after performing. Awww, so sweet. Waterworks for me…. Archie belted out Imagine again. Both performances, though very good, just didn’t give me the big excitement and pow! that I wanted for a finale. With Cookie, I expected a phenomenal finish but it fell short for me. Don’t get me wrong. He did a nice job of showing all of his skills tonight with the songs he performed but I wanted a slammin’ Bon Jovi song or some crazy rock version of a Celine Dion song.

If it were up to me, I would have started with the forgettable contest-winners’ songs, then the contestants’ choices, then Clive Davis’ choices. I think the show would have been much more exciting that way, but I’m not the producer…. As much as I am a David Cook fan, I think Archuleta did a better job with producing a 3-song series—that is, if he had anything to do with it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he won. In fact, I wouldn’t be upset about it at all. I’ve enjoyed him throughout the competition. I’m just wondering if he can provide enough variety for an entire album. In the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter. Both will have contracts. Both will release albums, and I will likely buy one of them. 😉

David Cook mentioned something interesting that really makes me think he gets it. At the beginning when they were chatting with Secrest, he said something like, “At this point it isn’t really a competition any more. I’m just going to go out there and have fun.” Too true, too true.


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