– The Best, Best, Best!

I ordered a swimsuit from yesterday… No, wait… was it really yesterday?… Yeah, it was yesterday. It was yesterday afternoon around 2:00-3:00 I think. Sorry for my confusion. I just can’t believe it. When I got back to the house today around 3:00, there was a Zappos box already on my door step! I kid you not, people. It was amaaaazing.

If you ever need to order something, you should try Zappos first. If you get your order in by 1PM, Pacific and get the free shipping, odds are it could actually arrive the next day, even when they say it might take 4-5 business days. It’s like they have little magic elves at work.

So because of this, I can actually update you on my post from yesterday when I was talking about buying bathing suits! Go to the next post.


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