Paula Abdul… ugh

Paula, Paula, Paula. Enough already!

It’s Neil Diamond night on Idol and Paula Abdul just showed how much she is on the crack. All of the contestants sang one of their two songs of the night, and the judges had the opportunity to give their quick comments before going to a commercial and starting the second set of songs.

I kid you not, Paula Abdul starts to comment on Jason Castro’s first song. Then she launches into her comments for his second song. (This is the point where you backtrack to find my italics, wondering if I have mistyped. No, I haven’t. Thank you very much.) So she starts rambling something about how he didn’t connect with her or something. Wha? Then everyone looks confused. It’s apparent that Seacrest and Simon want to save her somehow, but it’s awkward. Then she says she meant that those comments were for David Cook. This is one to look for on You Tube tomorrow.

Oh boy…. When is AI going to move on to a more coherent judge? I know that sometimes when we’re tired or lacking sleep we don’t make sense, but the same is true when you’re drugged up and/or drunk and/or having a stroke.

Seriously, I’ve seen someone have a stroke on LIVE TV and it’s not a pleasant experience.


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