David Cook Performs Mariah

I missed whatever happened last week on American Idol, but when I found out Michael Johns was voted out, that was a bummer. But that is not what I’m here to talk about, of course.

David, David, David. Wow. David Cook just sang Mariah Carey! Mariah, people.

How does he do that? Even if this is a song that he has already heard another person sing, like Billie Jean was, this is just too much. He just re-vamped Always Be My Baby. Do you know how bubble-gum-pop that song is? That’s like taking Mozart and adding lyrics from a country song to it. (I think that might be a good analogy.) I couldn’t even wrap my head around how he would do this, but when I heard it, I was stunned.

It amazes me how people can totally change the feel of a song. It must be a good song when it can be converted to a different style. He was a bit teary-eyed after the judges’ comments, too.

This kid makes me cry. He’s incredible. I’m going to iTunes to make some purchases.


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