Food can be Gross

I was just watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network and they were featuring a place called … (nevermind, I choose not to include the name of the place. They do not deserve the publicity.) I was kind of sickened by the food that they cooked at this place. It’s not that it was inedible or made of some kind of strange ingredient.

No, friends, they cook things like 10-pound hamburgers. Read that again. Go ahead. I’ll give you a sec. *twiddling thumbs* Did you read it? Yeah, 10-pound hamburgers. That wasn’t a typo. That zero is meant to be there. They also make some gigantic hot dogs, too.

Excess like that is just plain gross. It’s sick. Seriously, is a 10-pound hamburger really necessary? How many people would you have to share this with? And people think we are a society of excess. Ha! I wonder where they got that idea. (Smell the sarcasm.)

Here’s an image I “borrowed” from their menu so that you could see for yourself because I refuse to link to their site. I removed their name also.


One Response to “Food can be Gross”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Does it come with a free ambulance ride? Are there portable difibrulators at each table? Do you have to sign a waiver saying, “I will not hold this restaurant responsible for my death?”

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