New Music

I was listening to 20on20 from XM and her song came up. I had never heard it before so I didn’t know who sang it and to me, it sounded like Mariah Carey or perhaps Jordin Sparks. So, of course, the only way to clear this up was by opening my iTunes and searching for words that I hear in the song.

The song is called Bleeding Love. And I really love the beat of the song and the sound of the chorus. That’s what mde me go out to pursue more info in the first place. The artist is Leona Lewis.

Strangely enough, she’s all I see now. It’s kind of like buying something new, thinking you are all sorts of original, and then you notice it everywhere you go. I’ve heard this happens when you buy a new car. Anyway, I was watching VH1 and there she was. I logged on to Facebook and a friend had just become a fan. On iTunes she is one of the artists features on the home page.

Turns out she is a product of an American Idol type show in the UK called X-Factor.


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