Saturday Night Live

The bits and pieces of SNL that I’ve seen tonight have been funny and disturbing. I noticed Cameron Diaz was in the Cougars skit but I think I must have started paying attention to the show during Weekend Update. Kristen Wiig as the travel lady was too funny! She did her dialog so quickly. It was impressive. I couldn’t believe how many times she changed her tune and then followed up with saying, “Just kidding.”

Death by Chocolate, umm, that really creeped me out. Was it just me or was the face painted onto Ashton Kutcher’s chocolate person just disturbing? I didn’t like it at all, but then I don’t like clowns because of how dishonest they are.

The Mellow Show was amusing only because it was hosted by Jack Johnson and the first guest was Dave Matthews. The second I saw DM, I thought for sure that John Mayer had to be next. I was right! And that’s made me chuckle.


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