Sucky, Irresponsible Writers

I’m a little ticked right now. I subscribe to this e-newsletter about TV shows and today I received the latest edition. Here’s the problem. For whatever reason, the writers of said newsletter decided to write a headline that basically revealed a lot of information about one of my favorite shows. I’m not going to say what show or what the information was because I’m not a jerk like these freaking writers.

Anyway, where’s the common courtesy here? Seriously. If you are going to have a spoiler, warn us so that we can skip it if we don’t want to know. And don’t put all of the information in the dang headline. For goodness sake! How hard is that?! They did that with one of the other shows that I don’t happen to watch, but why not all of the shows?

I don’t read certain magazines or any entertainment websites because of this very problem. Everyone is trying to beat everyone else in getting the information out, but sometimes I JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW!


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