Pop Fiction

I stumbled upon this show on E! about a week ago called Pop Fiction. It’s from the mind of Ashton Kutcher. And I kind of think of it as the celebrity version of Punk’d, as in, the celebrities are punking the paparazzi. In this edition of the show that I’m watching right now, Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez are featured. They have been friends for a very long time–15 years–and they support each other in whatever they do. For instance, Eva is opening a restaurant and he is joining her. When Mario was on Dancing with the Stars, she was in the audience. Good friends do that.

Anyway, so they went shopping for a gift for her husband and now they are having lunch. As part of their ploy, Mario pretends to give her a necklace in honor her restaurant opening. Of course, the paps get into it and are snapping pictures and recording video.

I really like the premise of this show. It is a sort of social commentary on our fascination with celebrity culture because it is quite likely that this “story” will be published in magazines and websites. Everyone who reads it will probably believe it, too. In my mind it also touches on the idea on how the Internet has really changed our expectations as consumers of information. We need instant gratification and whether or not the information we find is factual is beside the point. I suppose I am living proof of this and I act as an enabler, since I’m sitting here blogging as this happens on TV. The minute I hit “publish” it’s all yours. But then, it’s not like my information is seen by thousands of people, oh, and I do not claim to be a news source.

By the way, now we’re at the end of the segment and we learn that the story makes it online within a matter of minutes… video, writeup, pictures… everything but the truth.

On a side note, editing this show must be a bear. There are a lot of black bars over the paps’ eyes and a lot of blurred out faces on the general public. Pain in the butt!


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