hanes (commercials) are uncomfortable

Is it just me or are the Hanes underwear commercials featuring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Michael Jordan uncomfortable to watch? I have nothing against Hanes and I’ve even purchased and enjoyed some of their products, but I question the decision to market themselves this way.

I think it’s more on the side of CGJr. than MJ. I mean, MJ barely if ever speaks in these commercials. The CGJr. “character” seems to be a bit hapless and nonsensical, but it’s all because of his poor social graces and lack of internal dialog, for example when he screams such things as, “I’m wearing your underwear!” out loud. I just cringe. I want to change the channel. Poor CGJr. I mean, what has come of his career? I think that Boat Trip did him in.


2 Responses to “hanes (commercials) are uncomfortable”

  1. jesse Says:

    i agree completely. what is the deal with those stoopid ads? cuba has gone from interesting talented actor to ridiculous ambiguously gay doofus. does he have mafia bills to pay off or something? why do stupid commercials…

  2. megan Says:

    I preferred the Hanes commercials with the dance troupe, saying that if their undies are comfy enough for them to dance in, then they’re comfy enough for you to wear like a normal person.

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