more bunny talk

I was at work today and funny enough, someone had been given the “gift” of the Palmer Professor Bunny. This made me laugh. A Palmer Bunny is not a gift.

Something a few moments ago compelled me to learn more about these bunnies, and I came across this review of  Palmer Chocolate Bunnies. I’m happy to know that I am not alone.  The reviewer mentioned how the bunnies are “chocolate flavored,” which is something I noticed when I was in the store yesterday, but I didn’t try to find more information because I remember how much I dislike Palmer “chocolate.” (Yes, the quotation marks are intentional. Read the review and you’ll see why.) Anyway, I just don’t get it. WTF would you make something that looks like chocolate “chocolate flavored” rather than the real thing? This practice wreaks of carob and gross junk like that. BTW, Sixlets suck, too.

Here’s the review of the Lindt Gold Bunnies. We are sooo on the same page. High five! The comments are dead on for both posts.


4 Responses to “more bunny talk”

  1. Lisa Says:


    I was Easter Bunny shopping today and almost got a $.98 chocolate Easter Bunny, but I saw “Palmer Chocolate” on it and thought of you. I put it back.

  2. Shopping Maven Says:

    OH, you must try See’s Solid Gold Bunny or the Thompson’s Solid Gold Bunny — both are great. I grew up in the hometown of Thompson’s and as a kid used to stop in the factory store to buy the “bunny seconds” for $.50. (Their ears were short or maybe it was a little crushed.) As a grown-up, I discovered See’s when my sister moved to CA. Yum Yum! Recently I read that Thompson’s has a CA factory that makes some of See’s novelties under contract. Could be why I love both those bunnies the best. But, Lindt is a top drawer bunny, too.

  3. Debbie D. Says:

    You are crazy. The Palmer chocolate bunny is my favorite. You must not have tried Big Ears!

  4. that girl Says:

    Maybe you like Palmer bunnies for their appearance, and I’ll give you that. They are cute but I personally don’t buy or consume chocolate based on its appearance in bunny, coin, or bell form.

    You should try a taste test. Grab a piece of Palmer “chocolate” and then grab a piece of Ghiardelli, or Lindt, or heck, Hershey’s and see which is smoother and better tasting. The Palmer “chocolate” is gritty and kind of oily in comparison.

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