chocolate bunnies

I had a bad day today…. Cue Daniel Powter…. So bad in fact that after work I decided to roam around the grocery store. It’s not like the grocery store is some kind of magical place or anything but I just wanted to do something mindless. I remember hearing John Mayer talking about roaming around a grocery store and how he wrote or maybe finished a song as he was pushing a grocery cart around a store for an hour without anything in it. I guess the grocery store is this stress-free zone. I mean, really, who gets stressed there?

Anyway, this post is not being at the grocery store. It’s about chocolate bunnies.

The first bit of happy I saw in the store was a shelf full of Easter goodies. There were Peeps (which I would not actually classify as “goodies” because I think they are gross!), peanut butter “eggs,” jelly beans, and many other things. There was an array of chocolate bunnies, too. One had really long ears and I think he was called the long-eared bunny. Clever, no? Then there was a really big one called the Professor. He held a book in his arms, and I considered buying him until I decided I was not worthy. There were also two smaller bunnies called Honey and Yummy. I almost bought myself a Yummy to bring up my spirits. Then I realized something similar about the bunnies. They are all made by Palmer. ugh. I really don’t like Palmer chocolate. It just doesn’t taste right.

So I put Yummy back and looked around the back of the display. Again, more Palmer bunnies. Then, something gold caught my eye. There was a gold foil wrapped bunny with a red ribbon. Could this be a different breed of bunny?! It was! How exciting! It was a Lindt Gold Bunny made of milk chocolate. I set the bunny in my cart and admired how regal he looked. The way he was wrapped and shaped made him seem like he was driving the cart or that he was a hood ornament.

Lindt Gold BunnyWhen I got home, I ate some dinner and then attacked the bunny, ears first, of course. What’s this? SOLID EARS? A Lindt Gold Bunny with solid ears! Could it be that I have a solid chocolate bunny? As I kid I grew to dislike solid bunnies. It was just too much plain chocolate for me. So I wasn’t sure if I like the idea that I may have one in my hands, but I kept eating anyway. Turns out that only his ears were solid. The rest of him is hollow. Very clever, Lindt. Until they make bunnies with nuts of some sort, I declare you, Gold Bunny, the best bunny ever!

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