day tripper a la peter frampton

Ok, ok. I know I always talk about American Idol, but as you know, dear reader, it’s one of my healthy obsessions. It’s also the only time lately that I set aside just to relax since I seem to be doing a lot for work these days.

Anyway, tonight’s noteworthy diddy was the performance of Day Tripper with the brief use of a voice box. waah waah waah. David Cook yet again scored. Simon didn’t think so and thinks David is becoming a little predictable–I think that’s what he said–but I enjoyed the performance, and I agree with Simon also. Nevertheless, it was like that Geico commercial. (get it?)

I have to admit, it wasn’t as jaw-dropping as Hello from a few weeks ago, but whenever I watch this guy perform, I feel like I’m watching a legit concert and that’s a big deal to me.

Other notables: David Archuleta, Carly Smithson, and Syesha Mercado


2 Responses to “day tripper a la peter frampton”

  1. T.C. Says:

    Oh, I completely agree. I loved his performance tonight. I was truly afraid that he wouldn’t find another Beatles song he could do (I thought last week’s ‘Eleanor Rigby’ was pretty good), but I had no reason to me. He sounded great.

  2. jesse Says:

    american idol is ruining american music. period. one of the many sure signs that the end is all too near.

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