Yeah, here’s a little sports for ya.

Brett Fah-vuh-ree (remember that from There’s Something about Mary?) is retiring. Brett! No! Brett Favre? No!… Or, yeah. I understand.

Man, I think if were a legitimate Packers fan, I would be crying right now as a write this, but I’m not. I’m a pedestrian fan in part due to Antonio Freeman and more in part due to Brett Favre. I like Brett Favre. I think he’s just a super cool guy. I want to invite him to the house for a BBQ. Sadly, it’s time to hang it up, ol’ boy. You’ve done well. As much as I love watching you play football, it’s time to move on to cameo appearances in music videos and campy comedies or perhaps to the commentary side of the game.

Congrats on retirement, Brett. Just don’t pull a Jordan and come out of retirement or I won’t like you as much.

Here’s a link to his Top 10 Career Moments from


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