semi-pro, blah.

The latest Will Ferrell movie is blah. Semi-Pro is not even semi-worth it, nor is it semi-funny. I think I laughed maybe 5 times, if that. It was not funny and I usually enjoy a silly little comedy. This was a disappointment. Don’t waste your money.

If you decide to ignore my warning, tell me if you understood the secondary plot with Woody Harrelson and Maura Tierney.

2 Responses to “semi-pro, blah.”

  1. Ferguson Says:

    Yeah I totally agree, this one was a major disappointment. The best part about it was getting to see the trailer for “Step Brothers”, which looks like it will not disappoint.

  2. leunhomme Says:

    You know when i see a Will Ferrell movie i ask myself where is the comic genius that was on SNL? For some reason he seems to drop the ball in every flick(couldn’t pass the pun).

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