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In case you’re wondering, I’m on Spring Break, so I have some free time to write this week. I normally don’t write this much.

Anyway, here’s the instantaneous funny from Ellen that happened moments ago. I was halfway paying attention so here’s the point where you need to fill in the blanks yourself.

Ellen was talking about some kind of sex survey with her audience. I think the audience actually filled out the survey anonymously. She picks this one woman in the audience who says that she has lovin’ every day. And then Ellen asks her what her husband does for a living. And with a straight face, she says (wait for it, wait for it….), “He’s a pile driver.”



One Response to “a funny”

  1. Lisa Says:

    There was a supposed incident with Groucho Marx on his show “You Bet Your Life.” Groucho denies it happened:

    From Wikipedia:

    One often-told story recounts the appearance of a woman contestant, Mrs. Story, who mentioned she had nineteen children. Groucho asked, “Why so many children?” The woman said, “Well, I just love my husband.” Groucho replied, “I like a good cigar, but I take it out once in a while.” The story goes that the remark was judged too risqué to be aired at the time, and was edited out before the radio broadcast, but the audio of the audience reaction was used by NBC for many years whenever bring-down-the house laughter was called for in laugh tracks. No copy is thought to survive.[1]

    The story has taken on the trappings of an urban legend over the years. Both Groucho and Fenneman denied the incident ever took place. Groucho was interviewed for Esquire magazine in 1972 and said “I never said that.” Hector Arce, Groucho’s ghost writer for his autobiography The Secret Word Is Groucho inserted the claim that it happened, but Arce compiled the 1976 book from many sources, not solely Groucho himself. He probably was unaware Groucho had gone on record denying the claim a few years previously.

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