sarah and matt vs. jimmy and ben

I love it when celebrities don’t take themselves so seriously and are willing to show a sense of humor. Recently, Sarah Silverman made a funny video that featured Matt Damon, who I think is awesometastic! In response Jimmy Kimmel made a video with Ben Affleck.

Take a look…

Both videos make me laugh for various reasons, but the second one is the king of “one-up-manship.” It’s so over the top, it’s uncomfortably hilarious, and it’s got so many unexpected appearances in it. Seeing Josh Groban in this video is so wrong it’s right. Could this video be better than JT’s D*** in a Box video?

4 Responses to “sarah and matt vs. jimmy and ben”

  1. Jed Says:

    Utter Hilarity. The Josh Groban part is priceless. But let’s not crown it as better than D in a box. I’m not sure there will ever be a greater video. The tune of D in a box is SO catchy!

  2. Jenn Patel Says:

    Not since “We are the World”, have so many celebs come together for such a good old fashioned sing-along!

  3. Sini Says:

    I love Matt Damon too! And that was hi-lar-i-ous!!! And he’s so cute when he smiles…. sigh….

  4. Sini Says:

    Okay, watched the 2nd video…that’s just wrong… Is Jimmy’s show so big in the US to be able to get all those celebrities?? What’s happened since I left??

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