dang you, robert!

Robert Irvine, host of the popular Food Network series Dinner Impossible, has lost his job following allegations that he padded his resume. (WFSB.com)

Greaaaat. Nice work there, bud. We really enjoyed your show. Why’d you have to do something so lame?

2 Responses to “dang you, robert!”

  1. Teri Says:

    Watching that show was a hour of my life wasted. Symon was dry and boring beyond belief. I would rather chew a mouth full of corn starch then watch him again! RIP Dinner Impossible.

  2. Myty Says:

    I agree with all of you completely. Food Network needs to get over their ego and realize that his past is his past and what he does for that is all that matters. Robert made that show what it is and to replace him with Symon is just not right. It’s also not fair for Symon to be put in that situation as well. His name is going to be run through the mud because he is going to be constantly compared to Robert Irvine.

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